April Fools Guitar Study


April Fools Guitar.

What’s the best thing to play on a guitar? Solitaire.

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ba-da-boom! Happy April Fools’ Day subscribers and readers.

It is April 1st, 2015, so I named the new guitar exercise ‘April Fools’.

April Fools Guitar Study uses dissonant chords, 4th, 5th, & 1st string chromatics & enharmonic note reading.

The standard notation makes it look much harder than it is. The guitar tablature is a huge help. Here it is.

See and listen to ‘April Fools’ – a guitar exercise’ on noteflight. You can change tempo and play along  as you learn.
To view and print April Fools in pdf format use this link.

drunken music notes Study Notes: 1. Use the tablature. It makes understanding the fingering of the dissonances and enharmonic notes easier. See the string and fret combinations used to play what you see in the standard guitar notation. 2. Measures 16 – 28.  I use left hand fingers 1, 2, and 4 throughout the descending  pattern.


April Fool Guitar Hint: Perfect pitch is not throwing your guitar into a dumpster when frustrated.

Guitar tips: Play Guitar.

Now, to go entirely off topic. Most of us fly sometimes. Watch this video if you need a chuckle or two.

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