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Acoustic Guitar Odyssey – Play Guitar Again

acoustic guitar odyssey owl If you have been thinking that you would like to ‘ play guitar again’, then please join me on ‘acoustic guitar odyssey‘. The sirens of the acoustic guitar are luring you, preventing you from ‘getting your passion back ‘. Surely, many challenges to re-embracing your passion on this journey will be encountered. It is your comments to the posts that will set our course, allowing us to overcome obstacles. The first obstacle on this odyssey is skepticism. This includes reasons and excuses like TIME. Any new commitment adds to that precious time. Passion has taken a backseat to life. We allowed that, but, we can change it. Try to devote 15 minutes a day to play guitar. Doing that is a positive action, so allow yourself to feel good about it. A short workout beats none at all. If you haven’t played guitar for a while you will not remember everything, Alienating yourself from your instrument does that! Your pleasure and enjoyment in playing guitar will return along with your motor memory.


Tips: 1. Do not hide your instrument. Keep it in plain view, not locked away in a case, closet, etc.. Pick it up! Reward yourself with some quality time with your passion.

2. Keep your music or work on a stand where it demands attention. Thinking about it is the first step. Bon voyage, fellow acoustic guitar odyssey traveler. Remember, comments are important. Keep to topic.

P.S. Please share acoustic guitar blog with others if you think they may be interested! Embrace your passion and play guitar again


This blogs famous quote: “The guitar is a miniature orchestra in itself.”  Ludwig van Beethoven


Author: Jerry George

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