A Fingerstyle Guitar Christmas Song


Happy Holidays! A Fingerstyle Guitar Christmas Song

A fingerstyle guitar Christmas song seems the appropriate blogging gift for the holiday season. My choice is an original arrangement  I have just completed of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” It is here in standard guitar manuscript with guitar tablature, plus chord names. All acoustic guitar players [ or electric ]; Classical, fingerstyle, Travis pickers, and hybrid pickers can play this arrangement. The difficulty level is late beginner  / early intermediate. Beginner flat pickers can play just the melody line and /or practice the chord changes. Singing along is up to you.

As an exercise it  strengthens the left hand finger #4. [ small finger. ] It also introduces unison harmony.

So here is We Wish You A Merry Christmas – pdf. for fingerstyle guitar. If you want to view the arrangement with playback capability, slow it down, etc., then click on the pdf icon to go to Noteflight.com . We Wish You A Merry Christmas - pdf.

I offer just a few study notes. First, make sure that your open g-string and the 4th string – 5th fret g are in tune with each other. The unison will not sound good if they are not attuned. This arrangement can be played in first position. Measure #3: the left hand 4th finger plays the lower [ bass ] note. Measure #4: This is the unison, once again he left hand 4th finger plays the lower [ bass ] note. Measure #16, I prefer the L.H. 4th finger for the F# and the 3rd finger for the D. [ If  other fingerings work better for you, use them. ] Measure #17: arpeggiate or strum it to get the full chord. Have Fun! Please share it with someone. 

guitar playing Christmas tree.* This holiday season think of a way to give the gift of your guitar passion to someone else.

P.S. For the more advanced that like to play guitar, here is how to play O Holy Night, instruction in video from Acoustic Guitar Magazine.

If you are so inclined you can purchase my Christmas CD Classic Carols for Fingerstyle Guitar on our CDs | Music pages . The book with CD of the same name is also available there. All of the music is in notation with guitar tab, chords, and lyrics. If you are not in the USA your local music store can order Santorella publication TS169-CD from the publisher if they do not have it in stock.

Many thanks and my gratitude to my subscribers and readers.


Peace, Love, and Happy Holidays.

Author:  Jerry George


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Happy Holidays from Acoustic Guitar Odyssey
Happy Holidays from Acoustic Guitar Odyssey.

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