Guitar Finger Exercises


Guitar Finger Exercises.guitar finger exercises

The first in a series of my guitar finger exercises will begin this month. But first, a short review of the guitar practice – watch tv challenge. I hope it was fun and productive for you. If it went well you have improved on some scales and such. Also, it makes us all more aware of how much time we are watching TV. [ Same goes for texting, surfing, gaming, and any social media time in our lives. ] The challenge was never meant to be an optimal way to practice. It is a way to play your guitar more often. As always, thanks to all acoustic guitar odyssey subscribers and readers. Embrace your passion!

Now it is back to the practice area. Time to play guitar and for some serious guitar study. Last months blog  touched on embracing the process of learning guitar. You will be rewarded if you take the time to do this when learning these guitar finger exercises. Play them slowly and as evenly as possible. Build the playing tempo very gradually.

 free strokeNew! Guitar finger exercises: Now, here is some info about the following exercise. My main suggestion as you work on this finger builder is to NOT  slide from one 4 note beam of eighth notes into the next. Try to play each note clearly but detached at first. [ The notes should not run into one another, so don’t hold the notes down after you playing it. This will reduce string noise on these wound strings.

 Guitar Exercise – Lateral fingering 1 is designed for agility and strengthening of the left hand.  You can view, listen, copy, and play along with this exercise posted at noteflight®, lateral fingering guitar exercise by Jerry George . [ When on noteflight at the bottom of your browser you may adjust the playback tempo,  ] Note: Regarding: right hand for this exercise. [ classical players ] The right hand sequence is p,i,m,a, a,m,i,p.   [ flat pickers ] Alternate up and down strokes. View this exercise as a pdf file.view guitar exercise as pdf file.

 New Feature! This months recommended guitar site is . This is a well designed and information packed website for guitar and music education. There are many categories and subcategories available to explore.

Pat Methany playing guitar This months music quote: Listening is the key to everything good in music.” – Pat Metheny


guitar boat by Josh Pyke.GUITAR FUN! A Guitar Boat! Watch this music video!!!







Guitar tips:  For variety when playing a scale or mode try swinging the eighth notes. Also, try starting the scale on an upbeat.

Author:  Jerry George

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