Play Guitar Again!

play guitar again The Acoustic Guitar Odyssey blog and website is for all who want to play guitar again. It is about re-embracing your musical passion. Players of all levels are welcome. There are many reasons in life for setting our musical instrument aside. It is a common story that I hear, affecting all from beginners to accomplished players. Fortunately, we can re-dedicate ourselves, play, and reap the rewards of our efforts.

The odyssey refers to the journey of re-learning. It is about the experiences and the challenges that you encounter. Whether you pluck, strum, or pick it, the learning process is continuous. If that is a positive experience for you, it will be positive for others in your life as well. Your reasons for being here might be just the desire to play again, but time management makes this difficult. Perhaps your motivation needs some reinforcement.

This site and blogs are for steel string or nylon string acoustic players. You can play with your fingers or a plectrum, no matter. Your preference can be classical, folk, rock, jazz, or any other style. It doesn’t matter here. You might play Dobro [ resonator], Bottleneck, or ukulele. The important issue here is getting back on track and playing. Hopefully, your questions and suggestions will contribute to this online musical community. *All of my new and existing subscribers, Thank You!


Help Set The Course Of Acoustic Guitar Odyssey.

The blogs will begin with a subject and include tips. Your comments will set the course for continued discussion. As appropriate music software is found, written examples in standard notation and tab will add clarity to the posts. Some video examples may be employed as well.

So, fellow acoustic odyssey traveler, please read / subscribe, play your instrument, and contribute to the blogs. Sparking and holding your interest is the goal. So, your  input, questions, and suggestions will set the course and accomplish that goal.

Play guitar again. Embrace your passion!”

Author:  Jerry George

Famous quote: “you’re always learning about this thing every time you pick it up” – Keith Richards