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Jerry George - guitarist If you want to play your guitar again, then my blog is written for you. I was finding it difficult to play regularly, even though I still enjoy guitar. I am finding ways to ‘get back into it’, and want to share this with others. So I started the acoustic guitar odyssey blog. I want to help others enjoy their passion again. I hope all my readers experience the joy of reconnecting with their instrument.

 I started to learn to play an acoustic guitar in my early teens. Initially I was self-taught. Later I took lessons in plectrum [ pick ] style playing. But it was hearing and watching a young friend of mine playing classical music on a guitar with nylon strings that amazed me. He played not just chords or melody. He played multiple parts, simultaneously. It seemed magical. I was forever inspired!

 Also, I would like to thank my influential instructors: Russ Ditzel, Johnny Dentato, and Leon Atkinson.

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“Embrace your passion at acoustic guitar odyssey and play guitar again.”

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I am author Jerry George.
I am a classical and fingerstyle guitarist. I write a blog for those wanting to play guitar again. Jerry George.
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