No Time To Play Your Guitar?


No time to Play Your Guitar?

play guitar; if the owl can find time then we can. Life keeps me so busy. I am so tired in the evening. Whatever the reason is. Don’t say it! That’s why we’re here at acoustic guitar odyssey. This site promotes the power of a positive approach. Believe you can do it and you will, right. Plus, I would bet that if playing your guitar even a little bit has a positive effect on you, it will rub off on others close to you.
Reflecting on the exercises in the July blog. They are not easy. If they are use the variation at the next difficulty level. These are meant to be worked on over a long period of time, to learn and re-learn. Also, I am doing these right along with you. Find these at . I even play them on my tenor ukulele and lap steel. [ This requires some adaptation for tuning, but the process is the same. ] So, continue working those guitar exercises. They will give you the power to get to the next level on your odyssey. To paraphrase ‘The Who’, “pick up your guitar and play”. Start again or continue today. Let us lose the ‘no’ in no time to play guitar!

We can’t all devote large blocks of time to practice, but short sessions are fine. The shorter they are the more focused you should be about what you hope to accomplish in those allotted minutes. Have a plan. It could be an exercise, getting comfortable with a chord sequence, learning to play a new riff, starting to learn a new song or classical piece, etc.. Our styles and musical tastes differ, but our goal is the same, to play your guitar again. I suggest that you make a short-range goal slightly challenging, but attainable. If you do not finish what you planned for your practice, simply continue with it the next time. Think of Bill Murray in ‘What About Bob?’. Baby steps are OK when needed. We are just preparing the ship for your personal guitar odyssey.

Guitar Tips.

Guitar Tip #1. Sometimes, when you don’t have a guitar available, visualize yourself playing your guitar. Yes. Visualize. Not air guitar. Maybe use your forearm as a proxy fingerboard and play a scale, or the exercises from the July blog.

Guitar tip #2. This is a fun one. I used to have my Suzuki kids, and parents, try this. Put a flattened two page sheet of newspaper on the floor. Then, using only your fretboard hand crumple it up as small as you can into the palm of the same hand. This exercise strengthens the grip. Do it with just the picking hand also, especially if you pick with your fingers.

This blogs musical quote:

keep calm and play guitar

See practice as positive, positive, positive. Now find time to play your guitar.
“Embrace your passion at acoustic guitar odyssey and play guitar again.”

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